Dan Coady


A mystery upcoming project! Keep up to date with me on Twitter to get updates as they come.


dstnce logo

A platforming adventure game where you work your day job, clean up your room, look after your plant, and so much more as you try to get by one step at a time. it is what you make of it, so make the most of it.

dstnce was a solo project created in the span of 2 months where I created everything from the music to the game systems myself. This served primarily as a learning experience for me, giving me the space to learn more about things such as games systems design, audio programming with FMOD, and accessible design.


stopn't logo

A fast paced futuristic racer where you must go as fast as possible, not crash, and survive for as long as you can.

stopn't is a jam game made for GMTK2020 over the course of a weekend. I spearheaded the 3D art and level design, working on this project with cinder foster-smith, cat flynn, and cai jones.

stopn't placed 700th overall and 520th in fun out of a total of 5,397 entries.


gboop logo

A work in progress gameboy emulator, developed by both myself and cinder foster-smith as a way to explore and learn more about the GameBoy and low level computer emulation in general. Plus, it's just fun!