Dan Coady

this marks the start of my new site design, and new blog! big shout out to my friend cinder foster-smith for setting it all up for me and making it super pretty.

i’ve done blog stuff before in the past and i’ve really enjoyed it, but i’ve always felt frustrated with the tools on offer with any blog host i found online–hence this custom made one! it’s got pretty stuff:

// like this syntax highlighting
fn which_is_very_cool() -> &str {
    "and very snazzy"

which should make my posts better moving into the future, which actually leads me onto the plans that i have for this blog.

the future

if there’s one thing that i find myself doing all the time, it’s learning. and with learning, comes a whole host of challenges. one of the challenges i find myself up against constantly is finding useful resources for what it is i want to learn. take for example opengl compute shaders (the only other blog post currently here) which has very small bits of information scattered around online, and the docs aren’t super helpful unless you already know heaps about opengl. it makes for a terrible, terrible learning experience since you spend loads of time sifting through the crap to find that one morsel of useful information which unlocks the gates to success for you.

this doesn’t stop me from trying (i’m an insufferable dweeb, sue me) and usually this means i end up learning something cool. well, i hope that i can then collect all this information into one, convenient place to make it easier for other internet travellers to figure out this stuff. now admittedly, given that i’m now working full time i’m actually unsure how much of this cool stuff i’ll get up to. this said, i absolutely have some ideas for things i want to tackle in the future such as:

and hey maybe more stuff too if i get inspired along the way. i’d like to also write game post-mortems, game design walkthroughs, etc. all of this is very much ideas in my head and nothing else though, so only the future will tell if i actually end up doing any of this. we shall see! in the meantime though, i’ll continue to work on cool stuff and make cool stuff. i hope you find whatever i write interesting and/or useful!